Attukad Water Falls

  • Munnar - Half Day

Nestled 2 km away from Munnar amidst beautiful hills and lush green jungles, this pristine waterfall makes for romantic escapades and picnics site. However, the road to Atukkad is very narrow and needs a lot of experience to drive on.

Letchmi Estate

  • Munnar - 1 Day

Letchmi Estate is full of tea gardens. There are isolated resorts like Kuhi the Mist, Camelot etc amidst the plantations. There's also a beautiful waterfall nearby. Calm nature and atmosphere of solitude. A location for those who love peaceful environment !

Yellapatti Estate

  • Munnar - 1 Day

Highly recommended for relaxing the whole trip there. One of the best view that can be seen in munnar .can experience a good treking at the morning.